Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sometimes the godliest thing you can do is take a nap

I am noticing this pattern in my life. Towards the end of a busy week, I start to get tired. (Crazy concept I know.) Mornings are harder to wake up, coffee turns from a treat to life support, and I am pretty sure I start requiring more under eye makeup. I am also finding that my emotions start to get a little off kilter. Yes, I am like that little kid who starts to get crabby when they have missed their nap. I just feel more angry when I am this tired. Angry because somebody made me get up today before I wanted to. My muscles are tight, I hadn't finished my dream, and my sheets are 400 thread count. What a child. I also feel like things are much bigger than they really are. None of my clothes are cute all the sudden, that driver in the little blue car is suddenly a complete idiot in my mind, and ... well lets just say the love of Christ is not being exhibited in my thoughts.
The beautiful thing is that we have authority over our emotions, so they don't HAVE to run us, or our day. But I am finding that practicing good self-care is important for us. We have got to keep the consistency of eating healthy, exercise, and sleep if we want to be functioning in good order-- and after all, God is a god of order.

Did I mention I have spilled my coffee THREE times this morning. For real, who does that?

While on the topic of exhaustion, I think it is important that we consider what is exhausting us. It is important that we are serving the Lord above all else, and that means that He gets all of us. After we give all of ourselves to Him, He then decides where we place our investment, energy and time. If we are pouring into something that is not of Him, or that He has not directed us to, then we are essentially throwing our pearls to the swine. If something in your life is sucking your energy and time that isn't of Him, then you can expect to run on empty. However, if we are exhausted by being obedient and doing what He has asked us to do, then He is faithful to restore us and bring all we need to continue in obedience.

Don't let anxiety, worry, or any other emotion that opposes truth steal what the Lord has for you. Do not let it steal your energy and time. We are to rest in peace with the Lord because we know that when we are in His will by obedience, then everything is taken care of. It is when we step out of His guidance that anxiety and despair are more fitting emotions. If you are unsure about His will, you seek Him and you ask Him to make it clear to you. You seek godly counsel and you wait on the Lord to provide direction. God is faithful and He says, "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart." Jeremiah 29:13. So seek with all of you, and He promises you will find Him. He will show you His will. A good friend of mine recently said to me, "God doesn't play games. He isn't going to trick you. If you seek Him, He will let you know the path He wants you to take." And we can have peace while seeking His will because we know that He sees our hearts. If your heart truly is to obey Him, then He is already taking care of the rest. Sometimes at night as I lay awake I think, "But God I don't have all the answers to this, I still don't have a grasp on this issue or a plan or know what to think or do about it." He says to me, "And you don't have to. Trust me that I have got all of this under control. I see your heart, I know your desire. Let me take care of everything." It is then that I can remember the burden is not mine to carry, because He already has everything figured out. A beautiful plan is already in place that is for His glory and my care. He will take care of it. I just get to be that little kid in the huge parking lot that has no clue where the car is. All I have to do is hold daddy's hand while He navigates me through the chaos. He knows exactly where He is going. I get to rest in His knowledge, and the fact that He loves me and cares for me. He isn't going to leave me stranded somewhere. He is faithful to care and love for His children.

"Unless the Lord builds the house,
those who build it labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
the watchman stays awake in vain.
It is in vain that you rise up early
and go late to rest,
eating the bread of anxious toil;
for he gives to his beloved sleep".
You are His beloved. He gives you sleep so that you can accomplish what it is that He asks of you. If something is stealing our sleep or our ability to peacefully rest in Him, that isn't by His design. Some adjustment needs to happen.


  1. ohhhh I love that. What a beautiful picture... the little kid in the parking lot. I've never thought about it like that but I have thought I'm like a very small, helpless child who needs to cling to her Daddy's hand as we walk down life's path... it is just so easy to get lost when we wander off.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I was thinking about those verses a few weeks ago and couldn't find them so they may just be making their way to my Facebook page (hope you don't mind) :OD

    Have an absolutely terrific week and I hope the peace of God dwells richly in your heart.

    Liz xoxo

  2. Oh and I nearly forgot. I also wanted to share that it has been a really cold winter here in Australia (not sure where you're typing from) and we've have a lot of nasty coughs at our house. It would keep me up at night when I was trying to sleep and then I would have to wake for the kids in the morning. My body refused to go to bed early and hated waking up in the morning.

    I prayed for the energy to be a good wife and mum and I think that this weekend the 'sleep button' was reset. Finally I can go to bed early and even *wake up early*. I have the energy to do more of the housework and spend more time with the kids. It's just so amazing!

    God is so good to me... He gives me all I need when I just ask Him (sometimes even when I don't). He doesn't always say yes to my requests but He gives me so much better than I thought to even wish for!

    Our God is an Awesome God!!!

  3. Liz,
    You are so sweet to comment. I am sorry it is so cold for you. It is 110 degrees (F) here! I love when God shows He is faithful to provide all we need, so that we can be who He has called us to be. Your family is blessed to have a mum who goes to Him for provision. Bundle up! :)